Bingo Ohio ban starts Thursday

Cardinal demands Executive should face up to problems of ‘institutional sectarianism’ 
THE leader of Scotland’s 800,000 Catholics yesterday claimed the Executive was failing to tackle the problem of “institutional sectarianism”.

Council eases sports bar stance 
Rather than report a downtown sports bar to the state, downtown business owners should work together to reduce the number of police calls to Kesler’s Bar and Grill, the Longview

Her busy hands created fine, lasting gifts 
Through her 93 years, Mary DeMetz couldn’t keep her hands idle. Nor her feet. Whenever she sat down, Mary was sewing, embroidering or crocheting. And when she was on her feet, she was dancing — a few times with the likes of Lawrence Welk.

Bingo slump a threat to schools and charity 
In one section of the supervisors chambers sat a dozen blind men and women, canes in hand. To their left were rows of maroon-clad cheerleaders, football players, wrestlers and other Hiram Johnson High School students eager to plead their case.